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Brutalligators: The Fest Shalom Interview

Fest Shalom is here! This weekend Beth Shalom’s best bands play Signature Brew Haggerston, and we caught up with Brutalligators to chat about the festival and their live show.

You recently released Coffee & Codeine. Can we expect a new EP/album to come soon?

Don’t tell anyone, but our two-year-in-the-making debut album is coming out at the end of this year on Beth Shalom Records, which we’re absolutely stoked about. Expect bigger sounds, catchier hooks and sadder lyrics to shout along with.

I reckon Coffee & Codeine is going to sound massive live but which other songs are you excited to play live?

‘We’re Not Excited’ has been one of our favourite songs to play live, because by the time we get to it we’re usually a big sweaty, tired mess, and it’s out last chance to throw everything and the kitchen sink at a song. ‘KYH’ is always a fun one to make people wake up. To be honest though, it’s some our new tracks that I’m most excited to play. The gang chants and trumpets in ‘This House’, the weird interludes in ‘Holiday’, the singalongs in ’20/10/0′. I can’t wait for all of it. 

What has it been like to release new music through Beth Shalom?

We’ve been big fans of Joe and Beth Shalom for years and years, with some of our favourite bands coming through the ranks over the last seven years, from itoldyouiwouldeatyou to Drawstring to Treehouse to Don’t Worry. We’re still pinching ourselves that we get to be a part of the stacked current roster, and on top of that, Joe is the Nicest Man in Music and just makes everything easier and better.  

Which band on the Fest Shalom lineup are you most excited to catch and why?

I’ve been trying to catch Buds. for almost 3 years now but fate has got in the way. I’m just hoping that by then sweaty hugs become more normal again.

You can purchase tickets to Fest Shalom here. DO IT!

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