Kieran PA: The Fest Shalom Interview

Fest Shalom is here! Today Beth Shalom’s best bands play Signature Brew Haggerston, and we caught up with Kieran PA to chat their live show.

How would you explain your sound to those that don’t know you?

My sound is a “Frankenstein’s Monster” without the scary parts. Weaving guitar passages, layered production, electronic beats, pop sensibilities and a sprinkle of indie roughness.

What does a Kieran PA live show look/sound like?

It doesn’t sound like the records, it’s its own animal and I love it. Usually, i’m all alone, singing to those at the bar in the back! But for Fest Shalom i’m bringing some friends. Expect multi-instrumentalists, flexing their abilities by trying to play as many of my parts as possible, with some dancing and sing-alongs to boot!

What live artists have influenced your show?

Dijon, James Blake, Mount Kimbie, Frank Ocean

Which band on the Fest Shalom lineup are you most excited to catch and why?

it’s a tie between itoldyouiwouldeatyou and americansignlanguage. two bands with an insane amount of energy and power on stage, enough to move me to tears! Rock shows to remember.


You can purchase tickets to Fest Shalom here. DO IT!

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