Singles Only: Mid-Year Catch Up 4

Antlerhead – Reconstruct

Release Date: 7th May 2021

Genre: Alt-Rock

Taking on the church is a pretty bold move but that is what is happening on ‘Reconstruct’, the latest track from indie rockers Antlerhead.

With an aim at the inequality that is rife through the American church system, the song is deceivingly upbeat, until you get into the lyrics that is. Still, if you want a good dance to a fun rock track then this is probably going to make your night.


Thaeia – Feather

Release Date: 16th April 2021

Genre: Prog-Metal

With a redefined sounds, Thaeia are back with their groovy as fuck riffs and early nu-metal style vocals to bring you back on board.

With a new EP, Datura Metel Vol I, on which ‘Feather’ features, the band are grooving their way past so many of their contemporaries with what is a fun and technical style befitting of the biggest stages or dirtiest clubs in equal measure.


Silverstein – Bankrupt

Release Date: 15th April 2021

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Legendary post-hardcore outfit Silverstein aren’t resting on the status that they have built for themselves over the past couple of decades, no, they’re back and trying to push themselves forwards.

This track dials the riffs up and the chaos and energy up even higher in a song that is nigh on impossible to keep still when listening to. This isn’t a return to form, this is just consistency on show for all to hear.


Pengshui – Move The World

Release Date: 16th April 2021

Genre: Grimey-Punk

Combining many a genre with such ease it’s almost unfair, Pengshui have worked out a way to meld the worlds of grime and punk (among others) into a relationship of such turbulence it’s beautiful.

‘Move The World’ is the continuation of just being that bit more raucous and daring than everyone else around them. Many will come to try and take their crown but this is a crown that Pengshui crafted for themselves.

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