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Singles Only: Mid-Year Catch Up 3

Three Underneath – You’ve Been Had

Release Date: 19th March 2021

Genre: Hard Rock

A pacey intro and vocals that are rock through and through get ‘You’ve Been Had’ off to a good start and from there it’s a pretty consistent four and a half minutes.

Though maybe a little too safe throughout, the track flirts with the same repeated lyrics a few too many times to step out as more than an album track but there’s a familiarity that you can feel almost immediately that is comforting and does set this track up a level.


FRSTMRNE – Black Lotus

Release Date: 27th April 2021

Genre: Metalcore

Leaning towards the more industrial side of metalcore, American metal mob FRSTMRNE are coming genres that fit together seamlessly and using that to create a huge sound.

From the intro to the breakdowns a couple of minutes in, this is a combination of electronic music and metal, screams and cleans and everything that is good in the world of metal. The result is a song that is going to blow the roof off when played live.


Cambly – Suicide Note

Release Date: 23rd April 2021

Genre: Alt-Metal

Working solo, Cambly is one man’s vision being built over the past few years into the chaotic and emotional rollercoaster that is ‘Suicide Note’.

Lyrically heartfelt and musically bruising, it is clear that this is music being written as catharsis from the soul. Having this sense of outpouring adds extra levels to an already powerful track.

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