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Singles Only: Mid-Year Catch Up 5

Lysne – Det e Sommar

Release Date: 4th June 2021

Genre: Punk Rock

If energetic punk rock in the ilk of you favourite bands from the late 90s and early 00s is your jam then Lysne are likely to on repeat for you for a while.

With Norwegian lyrics it’s a little different but that signature lyrical flow is still there and even if you aren’t fluent in Norwegian it won’t be long until you’re singing along.


Elektric Animals – Woe Is Me

Release Date: 21st May 2021

Genre: Indie Rock

Denver, Colorado based indie rockers Elektric Animals dropped their latest single, ‘Woe Is Me’, at the end of May and it’s the latest in almost anthemic rock tracks from the Americans.

The electronic backed track has elements of bands like QOTSA and is almost guaranteed to get you up on your feet, drinks in the air. A dirty riff-fueled indie bop.



Release Date: 29th April 2021

Genre: Doom/Death Metal

Venezuelan metal may not be something we come across too much at Hardbeat, but when we do it always seems to kick ass, STRATUZ is no different and ‘Dawn’ is a huge track that is a credit to the legacy of a band closing in on their fourth decade.

Booming vocals, soaring riffs and pounding drums are the order of the day and what else would you want on a track tiptoeing the line between death and doom so well you don’t really care which way it falls? A track that it’s easy to fall in love with immediately.


Lucky Monkey – Damnit, I’m In Love Again

Release Date: 4th June 2021

Genre: Hard Rock

Classic, old-school rock brought into the 21st century is what Lucky Monkey promise and something they deliver in droves. From the opening drum solo you can feel those vibes of years gone by flowing out of the track but the riffs, the riffs feel so much more recent.

‘Damnit, I’m In Love Again’ has echoes of Chris Cornell vocally and if you were to stick a pin in a rock encyclopedia you’re likely to feel influences from each band you hit. A fun track that stands out in a world of copycats.


Courtney From Work – Lunch Money

Release Date: 24th September 2020

Genre: Punk Rock

A studio follow-up to their self-produced debut sees Courtney From Work enhance a sound that was already oh so promising.

‘Lunch Money’ is a fast-paced, punchy track that picks you up early and doesn’t let go for what is a very quicky 200 seconds. An energetic song that will dust off those lockdown dance moves nice and quick.

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