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Singles Only 2020: Esprit D’Air – Leviathan

Esprit D’Air – Leviathan

Release Date: 4th December 2020

Genre: Electronic Metal

A band that we’ve featured before on MNN is up next and that is Esprit D’Air, the Japanese electronic metal band that have built up quite the following over the past four or so years since their revival.

The ‘J-Rock’ troop released their latest single, ‘Leviathan’ last Friday with the help of their fans and a well-supported crowdfunding venture that has enabled them to put together not only a new single but a truly absorbing video to accompany it.

Musically this is exactly what you would expect if someone were to say ‘here, I’m going to introduce you to a Japanese electronic metal band’…but so much better. The vocals soar alongside the electronic elements and the more metalcore style guitars simmer in the background for the most part before exploding at you through the choruses.

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