Singles Only 2020: Fagan – Delay Me

Fagan – Delay Me

Release Date: 13th November 2020

Genre: Alt Rock

Aiming to be as ‘close to your live sound as possible’ can sometimes lead to a feeling of being too raw a song, being unfinished maybe. Thankfully, Liverpool singer/songwriter Fagan has no such worries with ‘Delay Me’, the latest track from an artist gathering more and more national attention as each song comes out.

‘Delay Me’ feels like a true continuation of the work that Fagan has put in over the past year or so as the track combines catchy choruses, much alike to bands like Haggard Cat, and a fun riffy tone throughout.

With a solid solo towards the end, accessible vocals and tongue in cheek lyrics throughout, ‘Delay Me’ is almost destined to be a hit.

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