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Singles Only 2020: Torch The Hive – Copaganda

Torch The Hive – Copaganda

Release Date: 14th November 2020

Genre: Punk Rock

If you have no idea what’s going on across America at the moment in terms of police brutality then you either live under a rock or have just about had enough of the news in 2020…which I suppose is understandable. Torch The Hive are here to give you their take on it with their raw and emotional track ‘Copaganda’.

It doesn’t take much analysis to work out what the track is taking aim at, spawning from the Black Lives Matter campaign and Trump’s use of the police to back his agenda. The anger and power coming from the song is relateable and engaging, exactly the effect a punk song should have.

This song truly speaks for itself and those that are needing to have their voices heard that bit more.

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