Singles Only 2020: Honeybadger – Hyaline

Honeybadger – Hyaline

Release Date: 6th November 2020

Genre: Alt Rock

“You’ll can’t win anything with kids” said a former football pundit, shortly before being proved completely wrong. Why am I bringing this up? Well Brighton trio Honeybadger are hoping to be the latest bunch of rapscallions to show that sentence to be the nonsense we know it to be.

Combining soft, clean vocals with a smidgen of chuggy riffs, Honeybadger are three 17 years olds that are already sounding like they’ve carved a bit of a niche for themselves so early in their careers.

With just three songs to their name and a pandemic to negotiate there is plenty of time for you to get on board with this exciting new bands from the south of England.

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