Singles Only 2020: Alexdrake – Peace Of Mind

Alexdrake – Peace Of Mind

Release Date: 9th October 2020

Genre: Pop-Punk

Throwing himself fully into his second solo release, Alexdrake has decided to really put his own brand onto the pop-punk genre, nicely straddling between the two.

From the very opening you get vibes of TV shows like Made In Chelsea, the constant sunshine and everything just being peachy despite being in London where that just isn’t the case. This is a nice example of what the song is about, the turmoil of daily life and following your dreams and the conflict that that can pose.

You can listen to this song in three ways, as a nice, summery anthem, a piece of social commentary or both. Whichever you choose you’re in a for a treat of beautiful guitars, catchy vocals and an all round good time.

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