Singles Only 2020: Bootleg Mercy – The Trees Are Listening

Bootleg Mercy – The Trees Are Listening

Release Date: 15th September 2020

Genre: Hard Rock

Calling something ‘American Radio Rock’ can often seem like an insult and, a lot of the time, it is due to the lack of creativity and ‘safety’ that can be found in the style. As with everything though, there are always parts that stand above the rest.

For Bootleg Mercy it is their song structure that sets them apart on ‘The Trees Are Listening’. There are elements that are a bit standard rock, parts that sound a bit Shinedown-esque, thankfully though they aren’t the parts that stand out.

The anthemic chorus is a major highlight but for me it’s the transitions and variation on the song that sets it above it’s peers. This is not reinventing the rock wheel, it is merely honing it expertly.

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