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Singles Only 2020: Broadway Calls – Always On The Run

Broadway Calls – Always On The Run

Genre: Pop Punk

Release Date: 10th July 2020

Based in Oregan, USA, Broadway Calls have been doing their thing for a decade and a half now after forming in 2005. This is the sort of longevity that should just be the norm but gets harder and harder the more disposable society becomes.

‘Always On The Run’ comes from the band’s latest full length release, Sad In The City, and proves that this longevity is no fluke. This is a band that has toured with the likes of The Bouncing Souls and Alkaline Trio, something that comes as no surprise when you here the energy pour out of the track. Never more than at around the 2.45 mark where the bass just picks the track up and powers it throgh to the end.

Broadway Calls feel like a band that are criminally underrated, but that’s not how things have to be. Get on board with them now!

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