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Album Review: Wallflower – Teach Yourself To Swim


Release Date: 05/06/2020

Record Label: Unsigned

For Fans Of: Milk Teeth, Decade, Boston Manor

This is not a drill; the wait is finally over for Wallflower’s debut album! Teach Yourself To Swim is set for release on June 5th and we’re sure that it’s going to start making waves immediately. The South London outfit have produced an album with hooks that Peter Pan’s nemesis would be proud of, and melodies that will effortlessly toy with your heart. 

For those of you that missed it (and shame on you if you did), Wallflower released the fantastic ‘Eat Away At Your Heart’ as a single back in April. Accompanied by a video that our current pandemic altered the original plans for, the track is an infectious blast of energy and a hit of refreshing intimacy. There’s an emotive aspect of Wallflower’s songwriting style that makes them a band you can relate to. They’re the band next door, but they won’t be living there for long if Teach Yourself To Swim is anything to go by. ‘Blood and Stone’ and ‘Passer-by’ showcase those emotional aspects of the five-piece as well, but replace the contagious joy with a heart-crushing dose of reality.

Wallflower generally stick to what they are nothing short of craftsmen at; emotional melodies that are as true to the band as they are to you or I. For instance, ‘take, take, take’ is an effective and haunting soundtrack to the down-trodden and overlooked members of society, while ‘The Distance’ is gut-wrenching cry on behalf of those looking for their place in life.  A different aspect in Wallflower’s approach to song-writing is evident in ‘Hungry Eyes’, an intense politically-driven song about events over the world that impact upon us all, and the way that human being’s reactions have changed to that of indifference and numbness in response. There is nothing indifferent or numb about our reaction to the track itself, a bold and ferocious effort that is impressive as much as it is unsettling. 

Teach Yourself To Swim feels like an album that encapsulates the troubles of life we all face, but Wallflower’s sound makes us want to tackle them head-on with a smile on our face, knowing that we’re not alone in doing so. This is a debut album that is charming, personal, and heart-warmingly reassuring. The hype around this band is not unfounded, if anything it’s understated.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended Track: ‘Eat Away At Your Heart’

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