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Singles Only 2020: Crystalline – ‘Til The Sun Comes Up

Crystalline – ‘Til The Sun Comes Up

Genre: Pop Punk

Release date: 10th April 2020

“Every day’s the same” starts Crystalline’s ”Til The Sun Comes Up’. It may be more about hating working shitty jobs but it resonates with this modern world we find ourselves in for sure.

This track is pop-punk down to a tee. It is catchy as hell, with a chorus that you can sing along to before it even starts as it just feels right and it makes you want to dance like you’ve not danced for weeks.

With vocals that would fit many of the solo vocalists on the charts these days, backed by a band that is obviously enjoying playing this, Crystalline are on to a winner here. Let loose and have some fun.

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