Lamb of God Debut New Track + Video (and beer!) 

We might have to wait a little longer for the full album, but Lamb Of God have unleashed another new track to tide us over until 19th June.

‘New Colossal Hate’ is an example of a band at the peak of their powers as they deliver yet another slab of raging metal. The track joins ‘Checkmate’ and ‘Momento Mori’ as the third single from the band’s self-titled new album; the first in five years.

Never a band to be silenced, the album is set to take aim at a number of wide-ranging political issues, from the opioid crisis, school shootings in the USA, and vocalist Randy Blythe’s experiences protesting alongside Native Americans at Standing Rock. 

Fans are also in for a treat on the upcoming record, with guest appearances from Chuck Billy (Testament) and Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed). After the superb collaborations with Chino Moreno and Greg Puciato on 2015’s Sturm Und Drang, we can’t wait to here what these new team-ups sound like.


Those aren’t the only new partnerships the band are forging however. Along with new music, Lamb Of God are also making a new foray with the first ever non-alcoholic beer collaboration with BrewDog. Named after a track from 2012’s Resolution, the new ‘Ghost Walker’ beer was born from a visit the band made to the BrewDog Franllinkton bar, and like all good ideas, came about after a few (non-alcoholic) pints.

It might be a long wait till June, but with a new Lamb Of God track to sink your teeth into, and a nice cold beer to sup on, that time should fly by. 

Lamb Of God pre orders are available here

‘Ghost Walker’ is now available to buy at the BrewDog Online Store

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