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Singles Only 2020: Bursters – Smell The Rot

Bursters – Smell The Rot

Genre: Metal

Release date: 27th March 2020

Going on a mainstream talent show doesn’t really scream metal, unless you’re Lordi I guess, but being the first band to get into what is apparently an important top 6 means you must have something about you. This is what happened to Bursters on Korean show ‘Superstar K’.

Fast forward six years and the band have embarked on world tours with other heavy Korean bands, including a stop in the UK in summer 2019. Earlier this year the Koreans dropped their genre defying ‘Smell The Rot’ and with it they’re starting to make their name a bit more globally.

The track has elements of bands like Nightwise in the intro but venture more to a classic metal sound after that, with the strained lead vocals being the standout part. If you think of Korean Trivium, you’re probably not too far away.

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