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Singles Only 2020: Blushh – Let It Fly

Blushh – Let It Fly

Genre: Indie Rock

Release date: 17th April 2020

Sometimes it’s nice to feel like you can just let go for a couple of minutes in a dream-like haze. ‘Let It Fly’ is the track to facilitate this wish as Blushh release the feel good hit of the week.

If you like Nirvana but thought it was all just a bit too sombre then this really could be the band for you. The sickly sweet vocals are enough to brighten up your day and the pacey but still soft guitars suit that down to a tee. When you see the artwork is brightly coloured paint on a yellow background, it all comes together.

This is a song for when you just need a little pick me up, when you just need that shot of adrenaline from something that just sounds nice and is catchy as hell.

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