Puppy release ‘social distance’ music video for Powder Blue

Puppy have released a new music video for the track ‘Powder Blue’, and it couldn’t feel any more relevant to the world right now. ‘Powder Blue’, from their last EP iii, was intended to be accompanied by a video that would feature pyro, props, lighting and a heavy metal performance in front of a large crowd that was akin to one they had “watched on MTV as kids”. Unfortunately, this turned out not be the case.

Puppy were instead left with an empty room, the three members, and the chance to make a video. Fate has intervened and now they have a music video that acts as a heartwarming reminder of the social distancing times we find ourselves in and the power of music in reflecting this.

Warning: This video contains very few people, pyro or props, and is nothing like you would have watched on MTV as kids.

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