Singles Only 2020 : Butterfingers – Dancing (To The Beat Of My Own Drum)

Butterfingers – Dancing (To The Beat Of My Own Drum)

Genre: Hard Rock

Release date: 30th January 2020

Sometimes you need that reminder that you’re awesome and what you’re doing is the right thing…as along as it’s right for you. Enter Butterfingers and their self-motivating ‘Dancing (To The Beat Of Your Own Drum)’.

The band have described this as a sort of ‘UK Grime’ over ‘Stoner/Desert Rock’ instead of the usual style of Rap Rock but really this is a band practicing what they preach, they’re playing a style of music they obviously enjoy playing and what comes out of that is a fucking good time.

If, during these testing times, you need a song to remind you that you’re doing well, whatever it is that you’re doing, then ‘Dancing’ by Butterfingers is that song.

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