Singles Only 2020 : Buddha Trixie – Stay

Buddha Trixie – Stay

Genre:  Indie Rock

Release date: 29th February 2020

Buddha Trixie are up next with their track ‘Stay’ that came out at the end of February. From the very start you know that you’re in for some fun as the intro kicks us off with some interesting guitars until the very indie vocals kick in.

This isn’t a ‘reinvent the wheel’ type of rock track, what it is though is the sort of track that you can have on at a BBQ with your mates round and all cracking open a few cold ones. It’s not the most ‘singalong’ track you’ll ever come across, but it’s the sort of song you’ll find yourself pointing at your friend and shouting “hey” at each other to.

If you like your music to be full of fun, catchy and a little bit different then Buddha Trixie have got your back for sure.

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