Singles Only 2020 : 8612 – The Human Veil

The Human Veil – 8612

Genre: Metalcore

Release date: 10th April 2020

For Fans Of: Silent Planet, Currents, Invent Animate

The hotbed of metal and hardcore that is Manchester these days are no strangers to The Human Veil. With a good few sets played in the city, to add to a full UK tour with Borders last May and a top-end slot at Unearthed Festival this January, this is a band that has firmly secured its place on the scene.

Part of their upcoming EP ‘Fractures’, this is the fourth recorded track that the band have released, 18 months on from bursting onto the scene with ‘Bury Your Head‘ in September 2018. The band have since gone on to nail down their style of modern metalcore, with the inclusion of synths, adding that atmospheric edge.

8612 certainly does it’s job. Hitting with the line ‘Put the gun against my teeth and set me free’ into a breakdown is a sign that there is no messing around here. Given what we have already seen from The Human Veil, and adding this to it, the upcoming EP really does look to be something to look forward to.



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