Singles Only 2020: Black Sky Research – Light up the Sky

Black Sky Research – Light up the Sky

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 28th March 2020

A new band by the name of Black Sky Research recently announced their arrival on the rock scene with the release of their debut single, ‘Light up the Sky’. If the track sounds like a polished, mature effort it’s because there’s no shortage of experience within the four-piece. Mikey Chapman, former lead singer of Mallory Knox, is fronting the outfit.

‘Light up the Sky’ is part of an EP scheduled for release in the Summer that chronologically tells the story of a chaotic night in London. Concept albums are considered a risk even for an established band so releasing one as their debut really signals the intent of Black Sky Research; They’re not here to conform and follow the masses, they’re here to make their mark. The track itself is a firework, igniting and frantically propelling us towards an explosive end. It’s anthemic, it’s huge, and at the same time beautiful. While there was far, far more to Mallory Knox than simply Mikey, it’s refreshing, wholesome, and almost nostalgic, to hear Mikey fronting a band again. The track doesn’t pull any punches and is a sign of surely nothing but good things to come from Black Sky Research.

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