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Live Review: Babymetal @ Eventim Apollo, London – 23/02/20

We got the chance to see Babymetal headline Eventim Apollo for their Metal Galaxy World Tour. It’s not been a long break since they were in the UK last year, but you can’t fault their stage presence. They’ve brought along Creeper for this run of shows, perhaps a peculiar mix, but I think it worked!

Creeper take the stage, and it’s clear to see the Creeper fans in the venue with their logo plastered on the backs of their denim jackets and the energy from one certain part of the crowd. After a year hiatus, Creeper return to the music world (much to my delight), and released Annabelle and Born Cold. They kicked off their set with Born Cold, and we hear tracks from their most recent album release Enernity, In Your Arms, Poison Pens and Black Rain. AX4A5486

They finish their set with Hiding With The Boys, where a slight injury occurred amongst crowd surfers and mosh pits. The professionals and caring people that they are checked on the young lad and made sure he was okay before taking him side stage and they restarted the song.

Creeper’s vocalist Will Gould took a small poll within their set, asking the crowd to put up their hands if they had seen them before. Coming from someone who has seen Creeper live multiple times, I was quite surprised to see not many hands go up. The amount of hands go up that had never seen them before was the majority of the crowd, which can definitely work in their favour and hopefully gained some fans!


Now for the main event. It’s always hard to tell the sort of crowd you would get at a Babymetal gig, but the range of band t-shirts I can see, I can tell it’s definitely a metal gig. While waiting for them to take to the stage, I watch the impressive screen patterns at the back of the stage area, before they burst in to DA DA DANCE and Gimme Chocolate!! The audience goes wild, and crowd surfers start empowering the pit and security are on full force.


What makes a Babymetal gig so fun is the fast paced and intricate choreography – you simply can’t fault it! The amount of stamina that is required is impressive. When we hit the track PA PA YA!!, the audience erupt and move along with the choreography in the chorus and swing their t-shirts around in the air. A video of a previous show plays along with the track of the crowd doing the same, and it definitely makes the production of the show look more impressive when complimenting the co2 blasts.


We finish the set with Road Of Resistance, a fast paced, full of energy track. The crowd certainly made the most of it as they match the energy until the very end. It’s quite a short and snappy one hour set, but when each song it flooded with choreography, I think their fans forgave them – especially for a Sunday evening!


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