Singles Only 2020: Little Triggers – Bang

Little Triggers – Bang

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 14th February 2020

Blues rock has been around for so long now that the genre must be proof that rock will never die. It has come from softer roots but now has it’s fingers in the pies of many different styles. Little Fingers are combining a modern sound with traditional blues rock and ‘Bang’ is a culmination of this.

Fans of Rival Sons will be well at home on this raucous rock song, with vocals that are reminscent but not identical to them. ‘Bang’ is a song that trnasitions from drum/vocal sections that get the head banging to guitar fuelled parts that get the rest of the body going.

This is rock music with a bluesy feel and it’s the fuel for your soul that any rock lover will be able to get behind.


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