Singles Only 2020: Local H – Turn The Bow

Local H – Turn The Bow

Genre: Alt-Rock

Release Date: 24th January 2020

When referring to alt-rock duos you’ll be spoilt for choice over the past few years. Royal Blood started the trend really, but like most trends, it was hardly unique. Enter Local H, a duo from Chicago that have been plying their trade for 30 years in 2020 and are still going strong.

‘Turn The Bow’ is their way of kicking off 2020 with a bang and continuing a run that has seen them put out 8 albums and countless tracks. They’re icons of longevity and ‘Turn The Bow’ feels as finger on the pulse as a band can get.

 There are throwbacks to 90s indie, there are heavier riffs that feel relevant today. This is a band doing what they love and it shows. 


Don’t forget you can check out all the tracks we’ve reviewed this year on the playlist below:



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