News: ArcTanGent Announce 26 More Bands!

Announcement 3 from ArcTanGent is here…. and it’s a good one!

Headlining the mainstage alongside Opeth is the mighty Chelsea Wolfe. Following the release of her newest album, Birth of Violence, Wolfe will be bringing her mellowed out acoustic style tracks to the festival alongside the heavy, desolate, bleakness that she perfected on ‘Hiss Spun’ and ‘Abyss’. This will be a magical way to end your night at the festival and such a good booking.

Joining her on the lineup is post-rock titans Caspian, like Wolfe, Caspian are playing ArcTanGent off the back of an incredible recent album. ‘On Circles’ is Caspian’s follow up to the genre defining ‘Dust & Disquiet’ and boasts some of their best expanisive, conceptional and lush work. Furthermore, post-rock hero Emma Ruth Rundle will be making an appearance at ATG. One of the best to ever do it whether that’s as a solo artist or in the band Marriages and Red Sparowes, she’s one of the treasures of our scene. Always creative, crushing and emotive, Emma Ruth Rundle is one of our must-sees of the weekend.

Here’s a list of the other bands on the lineup.

Bell Witch & Aerial Ruin / Intronaut / Talons / Arabrot / Wheel / The Guru Guru / Latitudes / Mass of the Fermenting Dregs / Bonnacons of Doom / Jakub Zytecki / Parachute For Gordo / Binge / Stoßzahn / Pollyanna Holland-Wing / The Most / Shake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out / Spook The Horses / Traps / Wess Meets West / Paranoid Void / Catbamboo / Beige Palace / STANLÆY


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