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Singles Only 2020: Tenside – Cannibals

Tenside – Cannibals

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 10th January 2020

German metallers Tenside had a pretty big year in 2019. The highlight for me personally was seeing them supporting Killswitch Engage in Birmingham on their headline tour, 2020 is kicking off with the release of ‘Cannibals’ and it feels like they’re setting down a marker.

At three and a half minutes, ‘Cannibals’ is a bruising and powerful track that is driven by rolling guitars and a variety of vocal styles.  Tenside are a band that aren’t hiding where they’ve come from. You can hear the variety of influences they hold, from the aforementioned KSE to Parkway Drive and the like, but it’s an inspiration not an imitation.

These guys will be around a lot in 2020 and on the back of this track I can only see their stock growing. If you like your metal pounding but with a degree of accessibility then you’re in the right place.


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