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Album Review: TRAPS – The Fighter



Release Date: 10/01/2020

Record Label: Halfmeltedbrain Records

For Fans Of: The Fall of Troy, OHHMS, The Mars Volta

If you’re looking for new music like nothing you’ve ever heard before, TRAPS are here with their new EP, The Fighter. The Kent-based duo present three songs that do not conform to any ideals, tear up the rule book, and revel in their uniqueness. The Fighter is not an EP as much as it is some existential trip through time and space. Brace yourself, it’s a bumpy ride.

All 3 of the songs on The Fighter are progressive and don’t follow what many would consider to be the standard structure of a song. The traditional pattern of verse, chorus, verse is abandoned in favour of what can only be described as an abstract storytelling approach to songwriting. This EP is brimming with chunky guitar riffs, choppy drums and haunting screams, especially on ‘Cyborg’ and ‘The Count’. Meanwhile ‘Cowboy’ takes a slightly more mellow and melodic approach in comparison to the other songs on the release. 

The instrumentals on the release are abrasive, frantic and unpredictable, but the quality is undeniable. Guitar riffs tear through the record and drums crash throughout, none more so than with ‘Cyborg’. The haunting vocals echo across this track and contrast the instrumentals perfectly, creating an unsettling and unhinged concoction. ‘Cowboy’ differs from this in the sense that it displays vocals that appear to be rather fun and light-hearted at times. There are instances throughout the EP however where the lyrics feel lost amongst other overpowering sounds, but this does add to the out of control, whirlwind vibe of The Fighter.

‘The Count’ stands out as the most surreal song on the record. It’s constructed with layers of sounds that feel as though they hail from various corners of the galaxy, coming together for nearly 6 minutes of alternative prog-rock mayhem. There is a wonderful segment that strips away all of those layers to the bare-bone and instead ‘The Count’, for a brief while, sounds more like a sing-along in a pub.

TRAPS individuality should be celebrated and the bold, progressive style on display should be respected, but it is unlikely to be everyone’s cup of tea. The futuristic prog-rock nature of the EP not only leans towards being abstract, it shoots far past this into a sci-fi sub-genre of its own. The Fighter is unforgiving and relentless, but more importantly provides a radical breath of fresh air into the scene.

Rating: 5/10

Recommended Track: ‘The Count’

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