Singles Only 2020: Kyle Ritter // Andy Cizek – Atonement

Kyle Ritter // Andy Cizek – Atonement

Genre: Metalcore

Release Date: 12th January 2019

It’s not often we feature songs album a year old on MNN unless we’re recapping a year or decade but when Kyle Ritter sent us ‘Atonement’ it felt right to make an exception. So here it is.

‘Atonement’ is a song written by Kyle with some friends stepping in to help him along the way, with the most prominent of those friends being Andy Cizek of Monuments fame stepping up to put down some huge vocals. On a track that could have been so dominated by the guitars and drums it is Andy that shines brightest by far.

Get ‘Atonement’ spinning now if for some powerful vocals backed by strong riffs and fantastic drums. You won’t be disappointed, apart from in yourself for how you let this one slip by.


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