Singles Only 2020: State Of Deceit – Vengeance

State Of Deceit – Vengeance

Genre: Metal

Release Date: 29th November 2019

With tinges of metalcore, a bit of thrash and a whole host of heaviness State Of Deceit are sick and tired of virtue signalling and ‘Vengeance’ is their call to arms to put it to bed.

Kicking off with pounding drums and some kick-ass riffs, ‘Vengeance’ pulls no punches as it powers through almost four minutes of heavy. If you’re a fan of bands like Evil Scarecrow then you’ll probably like these guys as vocally they’re pretty similar in places, there’s just a load more anger on show here.

‘Vengeance’ is a well constructed, raw and emotional piece of metal that pretty much describes the world we live in pretty well.


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