Singles Only 2019: Two Too Many – Tough To Love

Two Too Many – Tough To Love

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 22nd November 2019

When you set your inspirations out as being ‘basically all hard rock from the past 60 years’ you’ve got to get it right and Two Too Few have just about done that with ‘Tough To Love’.

From their self-titled debut album, the song has the hallmarks of rock n’ roll icons like Motörhead in every section and it does the band justice too. The vocals probably even have a bit more to them than the legendary huskiness of Lemmy, though say that quietly.

If you’re wanting a track to drink beer to, a track to tear some tendons in your neck to and a track to just let loose to then ‘Tough To Love’ is well up there with the songs you should be listening to today.


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