Singles Only 2019: This Time – Runaway

This Time – Runaway

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date: 14th November 2019

Some bands just keep it simple and reap the benefits of doing so. This Time are doing just that. From the band’s name to their debut album being named One and the follow up being called, yep you guessed it, Two. ’Runaway’ follows that trend.

These Canadians aren’t messing about as they forge their sound in the ilk of some of the more well known bands from around the world. It feels like crossing The Killers with Springsteen. Not something many people thought they wanted in their ears – turns out they do though.

‘Runaway’ is a pure classic rock tune in everything from the guitars to the easy, laidback vocals. It’s a song you can put on in a room of the most eclectic music fans and they will will be able to relate to it somehow.


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