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Singles Only 2019: Burn The Ballroom – Kiss Me You Animal

Burn The Ballroom – Kiss Me You Animal

Genre: A sort of punky rock, but not punk-rock

Release Date: 8th November 2019

A good few years ago I saw a band called Puggy open for Incubus in Birmingham and loved their Latin rock style that exploded out of the choruses. They didn’t really amount to much in the end sadly but luckily Burn The Ballroom are here now with a similar, but improved upon sound.

These guys have more of a MCR vibe to them in terms of their energy and vocals, though the ‘spooky’ nature of the track will always conjure those comparisons. ‘Kiss Me You Animal’ is the sort of song that you can’t stay sat down for. It’s the sort of song that at a festival you see people dancing to even when they have no idea who the band are.

The infectious-ness of the vocals combined with guitars pumped full of energy means Burn The Ballroom should be heading into your playlists for new year and beyond.


Keep up to date with the band on their Website and Facebook.

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