Singles Only 2019: Råte – Silver Ore

Råte – Silver Ore

Genre: Screamo / Metalcore

Release Date: 17th December 2019

Packing the riffs and energy of a band like Machine Head into a song when you aren’t in fact Machine Head is a difficult task to put it lightly, but it is one that Norwegian metallers Råte are taking upon themselves.

‘Silver Ore’ is the lead track from the band’s second release Lost In The Currents and sees them enhance the melodic yet heavy sound that they have taken to so well. At six minutes, the song flows through heavier, riff fuelled sections before descending into softer, more floaty areas and it does so with consummate ease.

If you’re looking for your next Scandinavian metal band then Råte are just that band. They combine the heaviness you’re looking for with some truly interesting song structure and basically just kick ass.

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