Singles Only 2019: Wise Youngblood – Pyro

Wise Youngblood – Pyro

Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 13th December 2019

Canada is such a hotbed for music at the moment and Wise Youngblood are the latest in a long line of bands trying to burst out from their vast shores. Through their hard work and a whole dose of talent, these Canucks are forging an area of rock all for themselves.

Within a few notes, you already know that they mean business as ‘Pyro’ is as fun a track as you’re likely to get without descending to toilet humour. Lyrically it’s clever without being patronising in the slightest, the bass and guitars meld into one creating a subconscious swaying effect on your brain that you counter by just letting loose and having a good time.

‘Pyro’ is a track leaves nothing behind, laying bare its intentions to ensure you’re enjoying life. Not all music can be like this, but this is a great example of a band writing a song that is perfect for them and therefore you.


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