Singles Only 2019: The Sheep Destroyer Crew – Trip On Earth

The Sheep Destroyer Crew – Trip On Earth

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Release Date: 12th December 2019

It’s not often we feature two songs from the same album on this feature but ‘Trip On Earth’ is joining ‘Pool Of Hope‘ at the back end of our Singles Only 2019 pieces.

‘Trip On Earth’ is a powerful, riff-fueled, beast of a track that just picks you up from the very first second for a relentless ride through melodic metal at its finest. This track may be towards the back end of the album but that does not diminish its quality in any way.

The Sheep Destroyer Crew may have one of those names that makes metal seem a bit ‘silly’ when you talk to non-metalheads about bands you like, but that’s where the silliness ends. This is a band that means business.


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