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Singles Only 2019: Tasty Freaks – Wake Up Call


Tasty Freaks – Wake Up Call

Genre: Indie Rock

Release Date: 29th November 2019

‘Wake Up Call’ is the title track of Tasty Freak’s November 2019 three track EP and the track and EP combined provide “the band’s deep thoughts about the society they live in and its limits”. Quite the concept.

As a track it is a bit more chilled than you would probably expect, there’s no atmosphere of anger, it’s all controlled and considered. The choruses bring in a tastier riff that feels like if Rage Against The Machine had chilled out a fair bit. Vocally it’s a slow burner that focuses on the lyrics more than anything else.

‘Wake Up Call’ is a song for those moods when nothing is quite going right and you need a bit of a kick to get going.


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