Singles Only 2019: Venustra – Step Right Up!

Venustra – Step Right Up!

Release Date: 10th November 2019

A pounding drum beat and scorching riff open ‘Step Right Up!’ to the world and before you know it you’re encapsulated by a hard rock song that’s just a little different to everything else you’re currently listening to.

From the album Candy Apples Custom Made, released earlier in December 2019, ‘Step Right Up!’ is an absolute brute of a song that pulls absolutely no punches. From the very start you’re dragged in like an addiction to the riffs and when the vocals kick in it’s obvious that Venustra are the real deal.


Those vocals almost combine hardcore with death metal and as a result have created a heavy fusion of those respective styles. Add in some groovy bass and heavy drumming and you have a true recipe for success.

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