Singles Only 2019: Lily Wire feat. Scott Foster Harris – Cigarette Ash

Lily Wire feat. Scott Foster Harris – Cigarette Ash


Release Date: 6th November 2019

Right from the off ‘Cigarette Ash’ is an old school cool rock track through and through. A sort of modern take on the style of rock that makes you feel sleazy just listening to it.

A dirty, filthy bass line kicks off the song before a chunky riff kicks in and the energy starts flowing. Vocally there are hints of Scott Weiland during his Velvet Revolver days, nothing overly dramatic, no stretching to hit notes that are out of reach. It’s strong, big rock vocals with some subtle harmonies in there for good measure.


This is a track best consumed with whiskey in a dank bar chasing down a strong beer. It’s a track to kick off a festival and most importantly, it’s a track to rock out to!

Catch the band on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/LilyWireOfficial/

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