Singles Only 2019: X Raiders – Wasted

X Raiders – Wasted

FFO: Turbonegro

Release Date: 21st November 2019

Songs that have a clear narrative often land pretty well with fans, when you combine that a party atmosphere and as much energy as you can squeeze out of a few instruments you’re onto a winner for sure. X Raiders are doing just that with track ‘Wasted’, a three and a half minute romp through teenage alcohol abuse and well-spent youth.

From the track’s ass-kicking intro to the repeated (and yet somehow not repetitive) tag line of ‘I like you better when I’m wasted’, there is a clear message here that, when you close your eyes, you can imagine a room full of rockers spilling their two-punters everywhere dancing along with their hands in the air to this song in a dark, sweaty room.


The pace change a minute to go adds a sense of urgency to a song that wasn’t relaxed in the first place and epitomises everything this Dutch quintet is all about.

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