Singles Only 2019: Parasite Inc. – Headfuck Rollercoaster


Parasite Inc. – Headfuck Rollercoaster

Genre: Death Metal

Release Date: 17th August 2018

Pounding drums and powerful riffs kick off Parasite Inc.’s late 2018 track ‘Headfuck Rollercoaster’ before some classic death metal growls kick in.

It isn’t long before your head starts banging and you just start looking for some nordic headwear and some sort of horn to drink from. This is death metal done well, with some well-done thrashy elements thrown in for good measure.

Whilst Germany is better known for it’s more industrial metal, this is a heavier sound that has more in common with the groovier end of the metal spectrum. A great starting point if you’re wanting to get into death metal for sure.


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