Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #39

Tethra – Masochistic Healing

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The power with which Tethra open up ‘Masochistic Healing’ immediately sets their stall out and lays out their position within many of their contemporaries. ‘Masochistic Healing’ is a huge track that tracks a relentless pace fro 5 minutes almost solidly. It’s the sort of track that when played at a festival gets several circle pits going only to outlast all of the energy that the metal heads have. If this is your first taste of Tethra then you’re in for a treat.


The Lightness Of Being – Last Dance

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Opening the doors with a barrage of drums and guitars, ‘Last Dance’ is the latest track from British rockerse The Lightness Of Being. If you’re on the lookout for a band that combines the riff attitudes of Puppy with a vocal style that’s a old school grunge then you’re in the right place. This is a slow, windy and moody track that feels perfect for this time of year as the night’s draw in. Building throughout its almost 5 minute run time, this is an atmospheric rock track that sets itself out from the masses.


Timmy Newman – Burn


With a pop punk style with added angst, Timmy Newman is channelling many influences from his Ohio base. This is a track that is as energetic as it is emotional and has more layers than your local friendly ogre (up to date pop culture reference there). This is a track that doesn’t stick to the normal pop punk conventions, going deeper across the board. Still though, it’s the sort of track you can dance to and dance you will.


Voice Of Ruin – Rotting Crows

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On to something a fair bit heavier, we have Swiss metallers Voice Of Ruin with their track ‘Rotting Crows’, a song title that leaves little if nothing to the imagination. This is a thrash song mixed with some more modern styles and the combination is a heavy yet melodic track that you want to scream along with. The song provokes visions of the darkest literature combined with viking horns and ale. A stunning combination.


Chavez Cartel – Love On The Run


Slowing us down to close off today’s journey we have Chavez Cartel, a slow, considered track that combines some strong vocals with grungey riffs. As a song it belies it’s name of being ‘On the Run’ with vocals feeling like they’re being dragged through treacle, despite guitars that flow freely through the air. It’s relationship that works wonders from the start and gets you wanting to listen back almost as soon as the track is over. A fun, if not slightly dreary way to end.


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