Gallery: Killswitch Engage @ Brixton Academy, London – 20/09/19

Killswitch Engage are on a huge tour of Europe right now since the launch of their latest release Atonement, and we managed to catch them at Brixton Academy last week. Tenside and Revocation are along with them for the ride!

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Tenside have been a band for a long time now, and released their latest album Convergence back in 2017. Their experience on stage is clear from the get go and with strong screaming vocals, the guitarists move from one side of the stage to the other and really play to the crowd. Playing songs from their most recent album, and hopefully new music on the horizon, they really got the crowd going for the rest of the evening.

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Revocation have also been on the music scene for a few years, and last released music last year with their album The Outer Ones. Revocation were definitely extremely entertaining. From lead vocalist David Davidson’s pure rock face expressions, and guitarist Dan Garguilo and bassist Brett Bamberger pacing behind and giving it their all, the crowd were loving it! Their songs may be longer than the standard 3 minutes, but their overall energy didn’t make it feel like it dragged at all. Their songs are filled with power and attitude when performed live, we’ll definitely see them doing well in the future.

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Now for the main act, Killswitch Engage. Having just released their album Atonement, I knew it was going to be a good show. They kick off their set with Unleashed, a track from their latest release, and we’ve already got security rushing to pick up crowd surfers at the barrier. We immediately go in to Hate By Design and The Crownless King. Vocalist Jesse Leach is on full form and giving it his all, while guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz struts in his headband and shorts around the stage and bassist Mike D’Antonio head bands hard throughout.

As we move through the set swiftly, Jess Leach lets us know he’s grateful for everyone coming out on a Sunday evening. We’re then reminded that “Sunday’s are for roast dinners and hand jobs.” Yet we chose to be with Killswitch Engage! Jess Leach also tells us that even though the world is going through so much at the moment, with different opinions thrown back and forth, in this room “…we are all one unit.” Before heading in to their song The Signal Fire.

This wouldn’t be a Killswitch Engage set without their old school track My Curse, which has everyone on the balcony in the venue up on their feet, air guitaring and head banging, and their track Always which took the set down a notch.

We’re taken straight back up and they end their set with bangers The End Of Heartache, Strength Of The Mind and Holy Diver. It’s been quite a long set, and everyone is sweaty from the crowd and extremely satisfied with the night they’ve just had. Killswitch Engage are a band that know how to please an audience and nail it every time, and if they’re coming to you on this tour you need to go.

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