Singles Only 2019 – Round-up #18

Here’s a roundup of some of the best underground singles around at the moment!

Plastic Mermaids – I Still Like Kelis


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Picture a festival main stage, the sun’s setting and you’re holding a cider surrounded by your mates – Plastic Mermaids are the soundtrack to this. Their indie pop guitars swirling and soft vocals signifying what Brits did best in the early 00s. It’s ‘I Still Like Kelis”s chorus that gives the strongest warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia, the calm feeling of summer is entrancing and makes this song one of the special ones.

Wilder Woods – Someday Soon


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Admittedly, raspy voices are a bit of me, they’ve got this brilliant ability to transform a mediocre track into something enjoyable: and that’s exactly what they do here. Sporting a Tom Walker vibe and acoustic guitar, Wilder Woods writes a rather generic pop song that is resued by his crisp vocals, there’s a definite audience for him here in fans of slowed down emotional pop music.

Fellow Vessel – A Sign


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Can you imagine if Kings of Leon sounded like they were still excited to make music? They’d sound like Fellow Vessel. The best part about ‘A Sign’ is that it sounds like a band who are genuinely excited to make music, this is a quality that doesn’t come from speed or loudness of song but a genuine excitement and vibrancy of music. It’s hard to fault a band who seem to be having this much fun, not that there’s anything bad about this song anyway.

Aaron Taos – Dazed & Amused

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This one is groovy baby! Aaron Taos flies solo but it’s the instrumentals of his band that makes this one a treat to listen to, it’s pure indie funk, the bright guitars and bass melding to produce hip swinging, hand clapping rock. Taos himself has Portugal. The Man-esque vocals and these provide the perfect accompaniment to this track that’s just begging you to dance along.

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