Single Review: Press To Meco – Itchy Fingers

Having reviewed the debut Press To Meco album, Good Intent, back in MNN’s first iteration and then their follow up, Here’s To The Fatigue, earlier in the year it seemed only natural for us to continue our love-in for one of the best British bands of any size currently plying their trade.

When Lottie reviewing the album in March 2018 she recommended three tracks that stood out and ‘Itchy Fingers’ was one of them. Now, just 7 short months later it’s getting its own release and its own video. It’s hard not to take at least 95% credit for this.

The intro feels like it’s plucked straight from ‘Good Intent’ but almost immediately it fades away into a chugging bassline and those signature harmonies kick in. Where some bands pop on some masks and some have stage names, Press To Meco have let their voices do the talking….I mean obviously but you know what I mean.

The chorus to ‘Itchy Fingers’ instantly captivated me with its full throttle riffs, progressive chords and vocals that are bordering aggressive. Each element fuses together so perfectly during the chorus it is nigh on impossible fathom there are only three band members.


The accompanying video is a perfect example of not just the energy that the band put into their sets, but just how much fun they have whilst on stage and off. You don’t get to this level of cohesion, of synergy, without having a bond and these guys are just doing what they were born to do.

Reward for the masses of hard work over the past few years is a tour with American rockers Shinedown and if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket make sure you get down for this loveably trio. Odds are they’re going to play the Yanks off the stage.

You can stream and download Here’s To The Fatigue here: https://presstomeco.ffm.to/httf.OYD


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