Singles Only V4.9

Pinski – I I I


Donning a distorted acoustic guitar, Pinski do their bit to stand out amongst the proliferation of hard-rock bands that have popped up over the past 10 years. Beyond their interesting instrument choice, they further create their own sound with frontwoman, Insa Reichwein’s powerful voice and European tinge to it. Pinski clearly have an aptitude for writing irresistible vocal lines and although they’re not creating a new sound, they’re contributing to making sure the entire genre doesn’t sound like mush. That, I like.

Box of Flies – There’s Always A Better Way


When a band refer to themselves as being ‘FFO Baroness’ my ears prick up and there’s no way I’m not checking them out, after all Baroness are the best. That’s exactly what Box of Flies did, and although there’s far more Soundgarden in them than Baroness, they play with groove and a distinct grunge sound of their own to create something great. It’s as if Queens of the Stone Age made music in the mid-90s, and if that doesn’t sound interesting then what’s wrong with you?!

The Arrogant Afterglow – Admission


The self-proclaimed ‘world’s first asynchronous rock band’, contribute their relative parts from opposite sides of the world, not that you’d be able to tell for a second when listening to their music. While they’re not actually the first band to perform from across the globe, I’ll let them keep their title. The Arrogant Afterglow live firmly in the post-punk world, not too dissimilar to the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs but with a slathering of alt-rock like The Smashing Pumpkins or Placebo at times. They make loads of noise and it’s inspiring to see a band not let location get in the way of their desire to make music.

The Matter of China – Black Heart


Chug, chug, chug. The Matter of China power along with a sound that throws every musical feature it can into the song. Drums change speed as the thick vocals wrap themselves around a cleaner, almost chanted chorus, all while guitars soar around. It’s very straight forward and simple Melodic Metalcore, but it’s also something that fans of Bullet For My Valentine or Killswitch Engage should dig.

Mushroom Molly – Yours To Swing


Yeah, the vocals of Mushroom Molly are so good. It’s like a mixture of Chrissy Costanza and Lynn Gunn singing along to funky ladened pop-rock jams. You know in American high-school films where they go to their school dance and there’s a band on stage? That band is Mushroom Molly and this song is perfect for those who are drawn in to laid-back groovy jams.

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