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EP Review: Counterparts – Private Room

Release Date: 7th September 2018

Label: Pure Noise Records

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore
Metalcore mainstays Counterparts offer up three bonus tracks that didn’t make the cut for their exceptional 2017 release You’re Not You Anymore in the guise of a classic 7”. This band have been somewhat of an anomaly in the more palatable end of modern heavy music. They boast a hot-streak of three classic records, a near perfect genre balance between Metal and Hardcore and a modest, yet dedicated fanbase. This along with several high profile support slots (namely Architects and Emmure) still somehow hasn’t pushed Counterparts over the top to become a serious mainstream prospect. Add the fact that in terms of sheer musicianship these guys are light years ahead of 99% of their contemporaries. Although the Private Room EP is essentially just a few B-sides, these tracks still fucking slam.

First up there’s ‘Monument’, flying out the traps in all out fury with some insane action on the snare drums alongside Brendan Murphy’s impassioned, intense vocal delivery. Instrumentally this track is far darker than anything else on this release, featuring some excellent beatdowns which incorporate themselves seamlessly into their trademark melodic guitar style. ‘Selfishly I Sink’ is far more classic Counterparts with massive Misery Signals vibes, showcasing several fantastic changes in pace and clocking in at 2 minutes 31 seconds as the longest cut here. Finally ‘We Forgive’ carries a vibe totally different from any other track on the EP or You’re Not You…, bringing a far more uplifting and hopeful feel to end the release, heartstrings successfully pulled and moshpits furiously ignited.

It would be unfair to expect this release to be up to the same standard as its predecessor. These tracks were clearly left off the record for a reason as they don’t hold the same level of catchiness or the right vibe to truly belong. That being said Counterparts don’t really write bad songs and these three are still leagues ahead of the efforts of their peers. If nothing else, the Private Room EP solidifies the band as a modern staple of heavy music and only points to more great things moving forward.


Recommended Track: ‘Selfishly I Sink’

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