Singles Only V4.8

The Exits – Press Repeat


The clue is in the name with ‘Press Repeat’, not only have The Exits managed to bring in chorus hooks by the bucket load, but the verses and guitar work alone are catchy enough to keep your attention. Like a laid back nod to surfer rock and roll, ‘Press Repeat’ isn’t a sound I’d usually go for, but sometimes you just find yourself humming along to a track for the rest of the day, and if that’s not a sign of quality, I don’t know what is. For fans of big US radio rock, with a bunch of surfer and chill influences to boot.

Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus – Some Kind of Magic


Yeah, the band name made me roll my eyes on first sight, but Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus are wicked. Throwing together influences from The Surfaris and putting it through a psychedelic rock filter really intrigued me, and I’m sure they’ve been told this before, but ‘Some Kind of Magic’ would’ve fit perfectly on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack back in the day. Quirky guitar work, big vocal hooks, and for fans of psychedelic surf rock. This track will be officially released around the 21st September, keep your eyes and ears out for it!

Ryan Vanicin – Siren’s Song


Ryan Vanicin, with a whole three followers on his Twitter page, grabbed my attention with creating a sound that encompasses 90’s era grunge, and adds a really powerful yet vulnerable vocal style to the as yet unreleased ‘Siren’s Song’. The guitars mixed with the samples screams of professionalism, and he might hate me for saying this, but his lyrical and vocal approach constantly kept me thinking of a young Jonathon Davis. It’s dark, it’s eerie, and while it’s influences are seeped in the past, the production levels offer a solid modern spin. This track will be officially released around the 21st September, keep your eyes and ears out for it!

Asbest – They Kill


What a headfuck, I have barely any influences to refer back to post-punks Asbest but what I do know, is they sound so unique, and for that reason I kept going back to ‘They Kill’. Vocally, it’s not too distance from the likes of modern, accessible US punks PUP and Drug Church, but their instrumental approach is so much more disorientating. ‘They Kill’ flickers between delicacy and pure, math rock orientated heaviness. It took me good amount of time to wrap my head around, but Asbest really excite me, delving into influences that I barely frequent. Keep an eye on these.

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