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Singles Only V3.0

Somehow we’ve managed to get to V3 already for the Singles Only feature. Not sure where the time has gone but here’s another 10 bands that should be heading into your ears.

Rebel Rampage – ‘Immigration Man’

Kicking off V3 is Rebel Rampage and their track ‘Immigration Man’. The track is an imperfect revisioning of a classic 70s track originally by Graham Nash and the trio have probably done enough here to improve on it. The energy coming through makes up for a quality of recording that isn’t quite top drawer and the overall message comes through so well in a time where it really shouldn’t be needed. One to blare out with the windows open for sure.

The 501s – ‘Too Many Wrongs’| Facebook

Another track taking inspiration from decades gone by is ‘Too Many Wrongs’ by The 501s. On the whole the track is a ploddy, guitar driven track that, despite in some instances becoming a bit of a fight for which elements gain your focus, manages to put a strong track that has enough originality to it to stand up in today’s market. The quarter may have taken a while to become a whole but they’re making the most of their time now they are one.

Choke The Pope – ‘Must Be Nice’ | Facebook

With opening lyrics aimed towards those who don’t get off their smart devices at gigs, Choke The Pope are a punk band taking a look at the real issues of the day. A ‘don’t waste your life’ message is the true message here and in less than two minutes the band manage to convey the frustration of modern life with a punchy, fast and fun track that will get stuck in your head.

Stickup Kid – ‘You Were All Mine’

If you’re a fan of early Blink 182 then Stickup Kid are basically your new favourite band. ‘You Were All Mine’ is a proper old school style punk-rock style track with soft harmonies, rolling guitars and quick drums. What it does well though is build on the sound of the mid to late 90s and brings it straight into 2018. Vocally it is strong throughout carrying that American twang and musically it just feels like it’s dying for some skateboards in the video. Oh and some eye-liner and dodgy fringes.

FAIDLESS – ‘Burn So Slow’ | Facebook

Sticking with that old school vibe we have FAIDLESS and their hard rock, Papa Roach style 4 minute debut track ‘Burn So Slow’. The Los Angeles quartet have managed to take a sound that felt like it was pretty much done and ramp it back up. The quick vocals that run through the verses are a go contrast to the slower, more harmonious choruses and despite not breaking much new ground the riffs are solid. If you’re looking for a new band that will take you back 20 years without sounding tired, FAIDLESS are that band.

The Limiters – ‘Short Term Memory’

The riff laden ‘Short Term Memory’ is up next and despite being a true slow burner the track always feels like it’s taking you with it for the ride. It’s a well written, well performed and well produced song and one that will get stuck in your head. The only real negative about the track is that the song name gets repeated far too many times and can get frustrating after a while, but hey, at least you know what you’re listening to.

The World I Knew – ‘Burn Me Alive’ | Facebook

The track and band name probably give you a bit of an inkling as to what kind of band The World I Knew are. ‘Burn Me Alive’ starts off feeling all industrial and those tones do continue throughout despite some beastly riffs. The overall tone of the track is set by lyrics like ‘you fucking cowards are the world’s disease’ and that is echoed musically, vocally and even down to the album artwork. The new album, The Lit & The Lost, is one to put on when you’re just having one of those days.

Foxbat – ‘White T(h)rash’

‘White T(h)rash’ follows a similar tone and theme with Foxbat favouring the Sikth style of stressed vocals that don’t follow the tone of the song particularly closely. Overall the song is not an easy listen, but it does reward multiple playthroughs and it does reward listeners that try and get below the surface of a song. Foxbat feel like they’re pushing forward a genre that didn’t even feel like it needed that helping hand.

Boat Race Weekend – ‘Youth’ | Facebook

Toning things down quite a few notches we have Boat Race Weekend and their slow, emo laden track ‘Youth’. The track fits so well in this modern scene with it’s Indie influences and it’s considered nature that every now and then bangs into life. The vocals feel ‘normal’ as if they’re being sung by just about anyone (this was meant to be a compliment…not sure it’s come off that way!) and the track as a whole just feels fresh and relevant. These could grow into something special.

Exit – ‘See You Around’ | Facebook

Picking that pace back up again, New England’s Exit are putting the guitar properly back into pop-rock. ‘See You Around’ is the kind of track ‘proper’ rock fans (if there is such a thing) will like just as much as those that don’t normally dabble. It’s catchy from the vocals down to the drums but it’s got just enough hint of a riff to it too. This song is the definition of pop-rock and I’m excited to hear more.

V3 is upon and as a result a new playlist is born. Make sure you check out the previous two as well though as there are some brilliant tracks in there.



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