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Another trip around the world with another 10 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus – ‘Paranoia’ | Facebook

Kicking us off today are US 3 piece Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus and their track ‘Paranoia’, released on the 13th of July. Combining psychedelic rock tones with some stoner-y-doom laden riffs gives an overall sound that is somehow even bigger than you can imagine from that description. The echo on the vocals adds another depth to a track that is slow paced throughout but gets pulled faster in places by addictive drums. This track is a surprise from the opening riffs to the fade out 3 and a half minutes later.


Elias Black – ‘Fire’| Facebook

Elias Black is another artist from across the pond but this time it’s a much darker and more gritty affair. Elias himself has this to say about the track: “The title is about taking your life back from all the toxicity that manages to creep in. More so, it’s about ‘reclaiming’ my love and passion for the process of actually making a record”. If this is what love feels like for him then let’s hope this passion never leaves him. The track doesn’t break any new ground musically but the changes in pace, tone and tempo all create an intensity around the lyrics and the addition of female backing vocals add to this. This track is not one for a beautiful Summer’s day. It’s got deep, dark winter written all over it.


City Of Industry – ‘My Throat Is An Open Grave’ | Facebook

Taking up just over a minute of your life Seattle punks City Of Industry have put out a heavy, varied track that is as damaging to your ears as the title of it suggests. It doesn’t hang around for long but will get your head banging and have you trying to find your spiked denim jackets out immediately.


Carried Away– ‘July’ | Facebook

‘July’ from Canadian quartet Carried Away is a track that has all the hallmarks of a female fronted band starting on a path to commercial success. The vocals are deep, melodic and yet have a bit of raspiness to them too. Musically it’s all very clean and not trying to stretch itself, with the feeling of setting Madison Crombie’s vocals free being the priority. If this track was released around the MCR days I could see the band on tour supporting someone like Avril Lavigne.


The Caracals – ‘Catch Your Eye’ | Facebook

Staying in North America now we have a track that will feel familiar and new all at the same time. The Caracals have taken all of the good parts of the early 00s Indie scene, churned it up and made something fresh and traditional in equal parts. The bass tearing through the track feels like Jack White, the riff after 2 minutes screams The Strokes or QOTSA and the vocals could be from any number of bands… yet they meld together and feel different. A true compliment if there ever was one.


The Howling Lords – ‘Talk Like That’ | Facebook

If you want the sort of filthy riffs that Royal Blood bring to the table but with a depth that the duo couldn’t wish to achieve you’re in the right place. Hailing from the Isle Of Lewis to the north east of Scotland, the trio have brought together a slow-burning, hard-hitting, face melting 3 minutes of musical pleasure that ebbs and flows with such a dirty, dirty tone to it you’ll be needing a shower after just hearing this track. God knows what you’ll be like when you see them play it live.


Archabald – ‘Ichabod’ | Facebook

Sitting in the centre of the self-titled EP, ‘Ichabod’ is a 4 minute journey from American rockers Archabald. With vocals that sound like Bono one minute and Cedric Bixler-Zavala the next it’s easy to get lost in them, but musically it has so much to offer as well. With key changes aplenty and changes of pace often within bars you’re treated to an aural experiment that pays off consistently.


8 Year Weight – ‘Status Symbol’ | Facebook

Heading now to a garage in Minneapolis 8 Year Weight are recreating the sound that Green Day popularised in the early 90s. It would be easy to think they’re just trying to copy it but more difficult to think that this is a band that have been doing that style now for around 25 years. This is a testament to a band that are doing this for the love of music and you can feel that they have perfected their craft. They’ve got the garage sound down to a tee and have made it as accessible as Green Day did back in the day.


FOOLS – ‘Bad Reception’ | Facebook

Sticking with the punky sound, but this time heading back another couple of decades, FOOLS are merging the Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop and making it work so well it sounds like the track was written in the late 70s. At just two and a quarter minutes there’s enough time for you to get up, lose your shit along with the band on stage and get back to the bar for another beer. What more could you want?


Parasol Caravan – ‘Blackstar’ | Facebook

Finishing off today is Parasol Caravan and their trackBlackstar’, a song that couldn’t be much further from David Bowie’s final release. This track has it’s balls out from the very start with a bass line so chunky you can almost eat it. The vocals that accompany it are well rounded and fit the tone perfectly. After 45 seconds the intensity changes and with it the whole dynamic of the track as it turns into a huge, dirty rock effort. Luckily there is some respite as the verses let you have a few seconds to relax before the riffs kick back in. A true rock song.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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